Mykolaiv, Mariupolska str. 13/4
Shchedryk and ZOA are joining forces again to support vulnerable populations! 💪


This week, negotiations were held to launch a new project called “Livelihood Support”✅

👉 The project aims to provide sustainable means of livelihood and economic stability to people affected by the war in rural communities of Mykolaiv and Kherson regions 🇺🇦.

Those eligible to participate in the project include:

🔹Rural households with internally displaced persons (IDPs) who moved to host communities due to ongoing hostilities, shelling, or loss of primary residence;

🔹Families raising children with disabilities;

🔹Households with bedridden members or family members with 1st group disability;

🔹Foster families; single fathers/mothers;

🔹Households with three or more children.

👉 It is important to note that the Shchedryk Charitable Foundation has previously had successful cooperation with ZOA. Specifically, during the winter, thanks to joint efforts:

🔸400 families received solid fuel;

🔸800 residents received cash assistance for the restoration of livestock premises and for purchasing animal feed.

Therefore, the new project will be another significant step towards the recovery and development of rural communities affected by the war.

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