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“In the Depths of Thoughts”

Collection of poems by a young poetess from Berezneguvate warms the hearts of Mykolaiv residents.

The charitable foundation “Shchedryk,” in collaboration with the head of the Council of Cossack Atamans of the Mykolaiv region, Albert Panchenko, had the honor of presenting the collection of poems “In the Depths of Thoughts” by the young author Liza Moskalenko to Mykolaiv libraries and the blind society.

Born out of despair: This touching book emerged in the basement during the shelling of the village of Berezneguvate, where the author hid from the war with her family.

📣 “The story deeply moved me, and I shared it with the co-founders of the charitable foundation ‘Shchedryk,’ who were also genuinely captivated by this narrative, and they later helped publish the book,” Albert Panchenko says.

👩‍💼Liza cannot see the world with her eyes; she feels it with her soul and heart from an early age.

Her poems, as her father recounts, are permeated with profound thoughts beyond her years, as they have become solace and a favorite pastime for her.

This collection is not just a book; it’s sincere and emotional lines that touch the deepest chords of the soul, impressing with their depth, sincerity, and originality,” says Natalia Horbenko, co-founder of the “Shchedryk” Charitable Foundation.

Despite Liza’s young age, she has already had the opportunity to write and publish several books and win vocal competitions.

Because besides her literary talents, the girl possesses a magical voice.

We believe that Liza Moskalenko’s sincere and profound poems will bring warmth and inspiration to the residents of Mykolaiv, and her talent will continue to flourish and shine,” Natalia Horbenko says.

Please note that the book “In the Depths of Thoughts” is available for review in the following libraries:

📍Mykolaiv Regional Universal Scientific Library

📍Central Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytsky in Mykolaiv

📍Library-branch #10 of the CMK named after Kropyvnytsky in Mykolaiv.


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