Mykolaiv, Mariupolska str. 13/4
Residents of the Shyrokivska community demonstrated the process of bird care

Residents of the Shyrokivska community who have undergone training and received starter kits for broiler chicken farming demonstrated the process of poultry care.

Representatives from the charitable foundation “Shchedryk” joined in observing the project’s interim results, along with the food security cluster coordinator and the UN WFP means of living cluster coordinator, Alister Short and logistics cluster representative, Karolina Hreida.

Local residents were provided with feed for poultry care. Community member Lyudmyla mentioned that she has a sufficient supply for feeding the birds, emphasizing that the project is a significant help to her family.

“In 2 months, these chicks will be grown into mature chickens. We’ve been provided with enough feed for their nutrition. Project representatives also gave us special vaccines for their vaccination,” Lyudmyla explained.

It’s worth noting that the project is aimed at residents of the occupied Mykolaiv region who have lost their household.

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