Mykolaiv, Mariupolska str. 13/4

Since the beginning of the war, many businesses have been forced to shut down their operations 😔, resulting in capable individuals being left without wages and means of survival 🥺.

These people are in need of assistance‼️

It is crucial that they do not leave their city in search of work because the reconstruction of Mykolaiv and the revitalization of the local economy depend on their shoulders 📈.

The collaboration between the Shchedryk Charitable Foundation and the Mykolaiv Aluminum Plant is an example of supporting the workers of a company that was forced to suspend its main activities.

We have ambitious plans for further assistance to the people ❤️, and it goes beyond providing food, but also creating opportunities for them to earn income independently. 😉

More information about this will be shared later, so stay tuned for updates on our pages.

Only together can we achieve victory 🇺🇦.

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