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Today, Shchedryk congratulated the participants and winners of the Children’s Drawing Contest.

To all the participants who attended our celebration, Shchedryk treated them to an exciting performance about friendship and delicious ice cream.

And of course, we congratulated the winners of the Children’s Drawing Contest 🥳

Here are the winners 🏆

🏆Category: 5-7 years 😉

1st place – Oleksiya Maksimova (5 years old)

2nd place – Anna Braga (7 years old)

3rd place – Sofiya Panchina (7 years old)

🏆Category: 8-12 years 😉

1st place – Viktoriya Andriyenko (10 years old)

2nd place – Sofiya Lypov’yak (12 years old)

3rd place – Anastasiya Kryachko (10 years old)

🏆Category: 13-16 years 😉

1st place – Yekaterina Prokudina (14 years old)

2nd place – Vlad Pavlyk (15 years old)

3rd place – Viktoriya Moroz (14 years old) and Lisa Kuzmenko (13 years old)

You can see the winning artworks in the carousel ☺️

All the winners received their rewards 🏆

We sincerely thank all the participants for taking part in our contest ☺️

A heartfelt thank you to the esteemed jury members for their assistance in the challenging task of selecting the winners ❤️

Shchedryk is delighted to see children’s smiles and shining eyes. Therefore, we will continue to organize children’s contests, so stay tuned to our official social media pages 😉

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